Shop with Your Bitcoins on Black Friday
  It might be an understatement to say that the world has gone digital. Just about everything has gotten digitalized, so to speak. Cryptocurrency is one massive result of this shift. These digital currencies keep growing at levels that can best be described as exponential.

Pay your real-life expenses with TRON (TRX)
The world is increasing its dependency on the internet every day as new web markets and online games pop up. It’s human nature to want to make your lives easier, and this trend is proof of that. The idea is simple — if the transaction is over the internet, people don’t have to go to stores or even leave the house. Hence it makes their lives simpler.

Cryptocurrency and Online Gaming are a Perfect Mix
When cryptocurrency first exploded onto the market, many were excited, and rightfully so. Undoubtedly, it’s a revolutionary advancement that has changed the way we see monetary exchanges and transactions. The fact that crypto turns our traditional conception of cash currency onto its head is its most significant obstacle. People are comfortable with what’s familiar.

TopUp your mobile Phones with Crypto
Our phones are almost magical. They let you call someone halfway across the country if you want to. And recently, even halfway across the world. From remote working to checking up on family, we depend on them for most everyday tasks.